Tu B’Shvat

Tu B’Shvat higiyah – Tu B’Shvat is here!

Tu B’Shvat is the New Year of the trees.  

In the ancient world we needed to know how old are the trees and the vegetation.  That way we would know when we’re allowed to harvest from nature for eating and sacrifices, and when we need to leave things alone.  In our modern world, we continue to celebrate this holiday and its perspective on knowing when we can take from nature, when we can share from nature, and when we need to take a step back and not intrude.  We plant trees and we garden on Tu B’Shvat, and in some communities there is a Tu B’Shvat Seder (festive meal) that includes eating from the 7 species of Israel while mixing white and red wines to create the colours of the earth.

Please feel free to click the link below for great insights into Tu B’Shevat as well as fun, meaningful ways you and your family can celebrate.


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Photo Credits: Alyssa Branitsky and Dr. Rachael Turkienicz

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