Essays & Inspirational Stories

Reflection Activities

Today Is The Day I…

Notes to Self. 15 options for the Ten Days of Repentance.

We recommend printing these cards and placing them around your house as reminders. 

The Gift of a Mistake

List 10 things you thought were a mistake, but wouldn’t change if you could. 

Jewish Memoir

Start a Jewish Memoir of yourself. 

Media Gallery


We recommend viewing these photos one page at a time and reflecting on the prompt questions. 


These quotes are formatted on individual cards so that you can print the deck and use it however you want.

Print them out and create an order, place them around your home for inspiration, etc. 

There is an abundance of recordings available on YouTube and Spotify relaying the sounds and messages of the Jewish Holidays. Rachael’s Centre is compiling a YouTube playlist on our channel which will be updated throughout the holidays. 

Below are links to some playlists on Spotify that have been curated by others.