Who Are We

Rachael’s Centre for Torah, Mussar and Ethics is a not for profit, charitable organization which focuses on sharing and applying Jewish wisdom from a woman’s perspective. Dr. Rachael Turkienicz, our founder and executive director, has developed a unique approach to revealing these ancient truths within the context of a modern world. Rachael holds a Ph.D. in Talmudic and Midrashic Studies from Brandeis University. She is an affiliate Professor at York University in both of its Education and Jewish Studies faculties. Rachael is an influential and needed woman’s voice within Judaism today. Rachael’s Centre is pluralistic, community based, unaffiliated and open to people of all backgrounds. The core of the Centre and its programmes is the wisdom of Jewish text presented through a female lens. Rachael’s Centre also offers programmes and courses on the interior moral and life systems of Mussar, Jewish ethics


Rachael's Centre is dedicated to pluralistic learning that introduces traditional Jewish methodologies to a modern world. Strengthening communities locally and around the globe, Rachael's Centre links Jews of all backgrounds through innovative and inclusive educational programming.


At Rachael's Centre, we foster, encourage and support learning through engagement. The use of modern communication methods and tools such as the Internet, print, video, film, television and radio, provides various avenues for spiritual development and exploration. Rachael's Centre promotes and develops learning communities that value pluralism, curiosity and ethical behaviours. We believe that this is the best technique to promote self-respect, self-confidence, and an interest in continuity, among modern Jewish people worldwide. By remaining unaffiliated with any one stream of Judaism, we are able to welcome all Jewish communities into a pluralistic environment. Rachael's Centre for Torah, Mussar and Ethics works to establish a strong Jewish identity, expands Jewish knowledge, and supports its participants to become more connected with their Judaism. We constantly collaborate, network, evaluate and consult to further develop our programming.